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Nikki Coope

There really is no other master class to compare with this one. The experience from beginning to end will stay with you forever. First class teachers, excellent facilities in beautiful surroundings. Past students successes and testaments are proof that this is an opportunity not to be missed. [March 2017]

Ksenija H Ksenija

I would like to say thank you to all teachers, pianists, organiser and students for a very special week. It was perfect! I really enjoyed all classes and I wish this short week would last much longer. Hope to see you next year. I wish you all the best and nice summer.
[July 2017]

Raquel De la Cruz 

I’m enjoying this intensive course. I really love the teachers. Thank you for giving this opportunity to adult people!! I love you all [August 2016]

Nancy Mondi San Francisco

You have created a magnificent, enchanting experience for all dancers here-unequaled anywhere. I am enjoying classes and instructors immensely- the personalities and your graceful hospitality here in Urbania. Something special that will live with me and the dancers forever..in a word Magic! Salute,

Tatiana, mother of Varvara. Moscow, Russia.

Hello, Angela!
I want to say thank you very much for a fairy tale, in which we were , thanks to You. This was a beautiful and exciting adventure in the world of dance for us. In the winter,  in Moscow, while I processed the documents for the trip, I had big doubts-do I have to go so far the one with the baby, with my bad English, not knowing Italian, not having any friends in Italy and even not having any information about Your school (provided it to us later ). Taking the solution, I focused only on their intuition and a great desire to dance of Varvara. In the end, I went ahead and never regretted it…I would like to say sincerely that I was pleasantly surprised by such a warm reception and organization of the sessions. IMHO, You are an absolute professional as in dance (it is recognized by the viewers ), and in management (believe me, in this, I understand much more, than in the ballet). Your attention and care have made the difficult lessons light. My daughter was very happy and it is Your merit. Special thank You for your selection of the team of teachers. Thanks to You, we had an opportunity to get acquainted with wonderful people and had the opportunity to learn from their invaluable experience. Thank You for the emotions that we experienced at the final concert. This is very strong and unforgettable!  I’d like to wish You every success and prosperity! I hope to meet in the future,

Amy Matelic Detroit MI USA

Dear Angela,
I just wanted to say thank you again for a really great learning experience. I think the dance courses were amazing. I feel like a much stronger and confident dancer.
I think your instructors are truly the best in the business. I was so impressed not only by their skill level but the way they teach through proper correction and definition. Hats off to you all!

Maddie Wallace USA

Dear Angela,
Thank you very much for giving me this amazing opportunity! I feel that I have improved rapidly with the great teachers here! I am already planning to come back next year, hopefully for the whole time! I am so sad to leave but the time I got to be here it was a great experience.

Vittoria Italy

Urbania è il posto perfetto per una vacanza studio, ha grandi studi ed è una bellissima cittadina; peccato che non siamo stati fortunati con il tempo. Era fantastico trascorrere il nostro tempo libero esplorando la città, andare in piscina e gustarci il delizioso gelato e allo stesso tempo apprendere un po’ la lingua inglese. Il corso è stato più intenso di quanto mi aspettavo ma era proprio quello che mi serviva per rimettermi in forma durante l’estate. Il livello d’insegnamento era eccezionale e credo di aver imparato tanto. E’ stato interessante per me vedere tanti repertori di danza dato che non avevo avuto una formazione di danza e sono molto avida di imparare. La musica del pianista era molto stimolante e faceva venire voglia di ballare. Era interessante imparare la musicalità in dettaglio e sentire veramente la musica. Le lezioni erano divertenti, ha una grande energia e una buona tecnica e la coreografia era grandiosa.

Ekaterina Demidova Russian studying in the UK

Dear Angela,
Thank you very much for organising this programme, it was one of the best holidays many of us have ever had! Best of Luck!

Charlotte Coe London, UK

 “I really enjoyed having the chance to work with different choreographers and teachers in a range of styles and techniques. I also really enjoyed putting on the show as it gave me valuable performing experience. Meeting new people from all over the world was really fun as well!”I have gained more confidence in picking up dances faster, as new people were mixed with people that had been there for longer and knew the choreography so it forced you to pick up more quickly. The course also helped me to remain fit and technical over the holiday from school. ” Thank you for providing such an excellent course. I have had a really good time meeting loads of new people and making new friends as well as improving my dance skills over the summer holiday.

James S England

The course was fantastic. I felt my technique improve everyday. The teachers were phenomenal. Ben’s choreography was great I really enjoy his style and I will definitely do a course with him again. Josephine’s structure and teaching style was inspiring. I would go to class in no mood to dance and after the first exerecise all I wanted to do was to dance all day! The days were long but not too overwhelming. Thank you for the experience.

Megan Lund Canada

I had a great experience these last two weeks and I felt I had learned a lot and really enjoyed the programme, the dance classes were incredible and learning Italian was very interesting.

Talia B New York USA

I have gotten a lot out of this program. I really liked the schedule I thought the amount of dancing was just right. And I loved spending some time in Italy and learning Italian.

Sara Turin, Italy

Attending Dance Master Class was like having done a long journey. I am satisfied of the classes and your professionalism. I might have liked having some more corrections during ballet classes but I have learned a lot anyway especially when I was reminded to practise and listen to the music! I was very impressed by your humanity and generosity as well. You work with heart and this makes me feel happy. A Special thanks to Chris who has given me the opportunity to do the duet! Massimiliano’s music inspired me a lot as well. I can say for sure that Dance Master Class teachers are of a very very high level and I would be happy to meet you all again.

Alexandra Willcox USA

“Where the hand is, there the eye should be. Where the eye is, there the mind should be. And where the mind is, only there shall expression be!” Thank you Anthony for this lesson that I will always remember.  I learned to be more of an expressive dancer, to watch my hand instead of myself in the mirror.  I also learned a little bit of Italian, which I’m sure will be helpful later in life and helpful in learning other languages.

Vince and Kati Parents of Blanka

Dear Angela and Tony,
Blanka is in the seventh heaven, She is very proud. What she missed so far is the necessary self-confidence. Thanks to the course, the instructors and classmates now she has got at least some. She has improved in dance, and her English had a real quantum leap. She has had a lot of new friends, she spends hours on facebook  chating with her new mates. Best regards,

Blanka Paldi Hungary

What did you like most about the programme? to dance all day long and the teachers
What benefits have you gained from the programme? my English was getting much better and I’ve found many friends. the used technique was new for me cause it’s more different to the vaganova method. I didn’t really like contemporary and jazz before but now I love them. thanks for everything! jeans Paul: I will do my fouettes far better next time! Anthony: I’m working on my foot appearance according to your instructions. Angela: finally I’ve learnt where is my head in an arabesque. Chris: you made me love contemporary by the bambi section! Ben: I sing the Get Happy song all the time! Bridget: I still use the tricks of the Feldenkrais method. Max: I’m happy cause I met the best pianist of the world!

Jimena Ayala Mexico

“I’ve gotten stronger and now I know a little bit of contemporary, which i had never danced before. I also now know what Feldenkrais is and the benefits you can obtain from it. I’ve also learned how to have your own house, and how it is to everyday cook my own food. The good thing was that everyone at the apartment helped each other and we were able to be all friends. Now I do have more confidence when I dance, and I’ve learn to look at myself and self-correct me. Also now i know that Italian and Spanish are so alike I can speak Spanish in Italy and they understand almost everything, still now i know some words in Italian  and I’ m thinking on continuing my Italian studies at home.”

Franci Milano, Italia

La Danza è dentro di noi- Tutto quello che dobbiamo fare è trovare la via più semplice per farle usare e regalarle agli altri, al resto del mondo. In queste giorni tutti gli insegnanti ci hanno guidato verso una via… che sia quella del rigore e della grazia di Josephine, o quella del ritmo e dell’energia pura di Ben, o quella delle voce dell’anima che si trasformare in movimento di Chris. Ognuno di loro ci ha dato emozioni e ha contribuito alle nostre crescita ha sopratutto ci ha indirizzato verso la strada, la nostre strada. Un grazie davvero sentito perché la danza è un mondo davvero infinito, non si smette mai di conoscerla.

Ellena Self London UK

“I feel I learnt a lot in contemporary and really benefited from working with Kinsun. I feel I gained a lot from learning classical Rep with Josephine as I haven’t done a lot of classical work in the way of getting it to a performance standard. I gained a good stamina level during the summer holidays which was great! As someone who hasn’t been abroad a lot, I learnt a lot about Italian culture which is invaluable life experience.”

Louisa Hamby-Arezzo American/Italian

Dear Angela and Tony,
The Dance Master Class was wonderful. One week passed incredibly fast, and I was so sad to  leave. Even though I’m not on the very advanced level, I love to dance. At the Dance Master Class each teacher had a unique and ingenious way of teaching. When I came back from Urbania my dance teachers were amazed by my progress. Everyone was very friendly, and I made many new friends. In short- The Dance Master Class was a once-in-a-lifetime experience which I hope will be possible to do more than once in a life time.Best regards

Barbara Adult student USA

From Ben Tribe’s class and the work on “”All that jazz”” just made me wish I was decades younger, and could take his classes and learn the whole thing!!  I could have learned it,–just wasn’t the time!! I felt so alive doing that choreography—wanted more!!!!”

Alia Garcia Canada/ Columbia

My stamina and overall health improved. I was able to maintain a healthy life style and eating habits. More performance experience.

Ayla Moeys Italy

The programme was fantastic because I can do lots of hours of dance. I think that the best thing is that we had a lot of time for ballet ( ballet class, pointshoes, repertoir) so I can work hard every day and improve. I really like also the “coaching”. I think that after three intensive weeks my technique improved, especially in ballet, but also in jazz and contemporary.

Jennifer Adult student

I found the programme very well organised and the teaching staff were absolutely amazing! I enjoyed most things about the school and the classes – the studios, music, fellow students, teachers. I learnt a lot of ballet technique and developed an interest in jazz.

Rebecca Amsterdam, Holland

Really good teaching and timetable however a later start would have been apreciated. The performance etc were really well chosen and the actual dances are really really great. An amazing time.Thank You. I feel that one of the amazing thing in life, to live is to be OPEN…. Open your body, your mind and your spirit… open yourself and let enter and let go out ENERGY. In this way you are dancing, you are living now…always now is the time of dance because dance is movement emotion, life and go on everywhere. This was a wonderful experience. I’ve discovered a different person.

Valentin Braun Germany

What did you like most about the programme? I liked the high level of the teachers best. I really enjoyed being taught by such experienced dancers. The proportioning of classes and spare time was in a good balance. Not too much, but also not too less. The course gave me also a view on the “English” ballet method, some of the heads and port de bras were completely new for me. This was quite interesting. The scholarship the direction offered me. It made it possible for me to join the course.

What benefits have you gained from the programme? Personal: I got some good advises for my later dance career. I found some really good friends. It were 2 weeks full of fun. Dance: I got some very useful corrections for: balance, body placement, artistic expression, correct standing position,… It was my first raked stage, therefore a good stage experience

Ashlee – Student dancer, Kristin Mother and Adult dancer- Wisconsin USA

I thought the staff was incredible! I felt so lucky to be able to work with such renown dancers who have fabulous resumés and danced with the world famous companies Paris Opera and Royal Ballet. Ashlee and I were so impressed by the faculty. We were unsure of how good or challenging the program would be before we arrived…but we thought the teachers sounded incredible!  We were thrilled with the amazing faculty and really enjoyed the program and the challenges of each class.  Thank you so much for all corrections and personal help!  We enjoyed all of your kindness and humor!  What a great summer in Urbania! Thank you!!  I feel like I am a much stronger dancer after the four weeks. Now, I can pick up choreography quicker, particularly in Jazz in Contemporary. Seeing that I have mostly danced ballet in the past, my abilities in jazz and contemporary have improved. So, now I feel like more of a well rounded dancer .I have not taken ballet in a while, but we’re both going to work on keeping the goldfish safe.  Maybe next time inquire about bike rentals with Happy Bike.  I heard they were 50 euro for a week.  I don’t know if kids would rent them even if you got the price down, because it might still be too pricey.  I didn’t mind walking after I got use to it the first week, but I didn’t have to go back at 17:30 for 18:00 class.  Ashlee liked the bike for the last two weeks!

Cecilia Milano

Dear DMC,
I loved the energy and the strong passion that comes through the body’s movement. It’s been a beautiful experience! It’s been hardworking but so exciting. I liked my instuctors methods! They helped me to improve my technique but most of all thet helped me to show what I feel inside and listen to my body and to my soul with all their expressions. Ben – your energy is absolutely GREAT!!  Tony – I love life Dance is life I love dance.  Angela – We were born under the same star! Chris – Feel the air Feel the space Feel the harmony. Josephine – You’re the most elegant ballerina I’ve ever met! DANCE IS THE LANGUAGE OF THE WORLD!!!! See you next year. |

JP Hamburg, Germany

The passion and love to the course and the students that the directors Angela de Mello and Tony Wright passed on to the whole staff and students body and faculty. My first week was awesome and the amazing combination of different nationality choreographers teaching various disciplines of ballet, contemporary and jazz to the dancers with the same vision and touch that makes a great team.
This was the best team I had been with for a long time . The other weeks went so fast with the making of works, and although at time it seemed that we would not make it, the concentration of the dancers and the extreme care Angela and Tony took to make sure that everyone had something to do. The links between the various dance discipline with the Degas dream picture coming to live , will be regarded also as a part of our dance history. The students went into the performance with great calm and control and did not even remarked or be handicapped by a raked stage !! A great 3 weeks and an intensive way in a fabulous city, and the quiet and sometimes very relaxed Italian way of life was good to balance the ballet work with pleasure times. from one to ten definitely a 9.. jolly good work?  At first, I thought  that there was too short time to work more on the technique and rehearsals of the performance as most had to be done in 8 days prior to move on to the theatre ….but my opinion was also turned around as I saw that everything came into place… now  have to adjust to this new way as it looked like this is the world around. I am showing my age , and need to go with the new waves!!!

Bradley Richardson England UK

Dear Angela and Tony,
I just wanted to email to say a great big thank you for the opportunity that you gave me to make the Dance Master Class in Italy a reality! Without the scholarship I wouldn’t have been able to come and I am so glad that Josephine and Chris told me about the course. Urbania is the perfect place to enjoy a study holiday, equipped with great studios and such a beautiful little town; shame we weren’t blessed with the best of weather. It was so great to spend our free time exploring the town, going to the swimming pool and eating the amazing ice cream and also picking up some of the language. The course was much more intense than what I had expected but just what I needed to keep in shape over the summer. The standard of teaching was exceptional and I feel that I have learnt so much. It was interesting for me to see lots of ballet repertoire as I don’t come from a ballet background and I am very eager to learn more. The pianists music was very inspirational and just made you want to dance. It was interesting to learn musicality in detail and really feel the music. Ben’s classes were so much fun, he has a great energy and good technical exercises and fun choreography. Doing the show was so much fun, a beautiful theatre and we were lucky to have a great audience, I just wish that we could have performed it a few more times! The faculty worked very well as a team, it was impressive how a whole show could be pulled together in less than two weeks. Thank you again to everyone for being so friendly and welcoming and for making the stay in Urbania one with many great memories!
Best wishes,

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