Vito Iacobellis, Artistic Director

VITO IACOBELLIS won a scholarship for the Academy of “Teatro Nuovo” of Turin, where he trained on the professional dancers course and started his working experience with the “Teatro Nuovo di Torino” resident company, directed by Luciana Savignano.

He also studied at the “Centre International de Dance Rossella Hightower” and danced with the “Jeune Ballet de Cannes” company, directed by R.Hightower.

In 1991, the Universal Ballet Company in South Korea invited him as guest dancer where he became first soloist.

He danced as soloist with Tulsa Ballet, directed by Marcello Angelini, and as principle dancer also assisting the directors joined Alberta Ballet of Mikko Nissinen and Memphis Ballet touring  with many performances in Europe, Japan, Asia, North America.

During his careerVito has worked with many  important artistic directors, ballet masters and choreographers including; P.Bortoluzzi, B.Stevenson, R.North, R.Tobias, V.Nebrada, J.Canfield, V.Canniparoli, O.Vinogradov, N.Duato, A.Amodio, B.Telloli, D.Job, V.Dokoudovsky, M.Angelini,  M.Nissinen, B.Steivel, R.Hightower, A.Dellas, J.Buttler, J.Jeon, M.Smuin, J.P.Comelin, P.Taylor and  A.Demille.
He was also engaged as ballet master and private tutor at the Kirov Academy in Seoul  when living in Korea and at the City ballet in Tennessee.
Currently Vito teaches and directs in several different dance schools  where he lives in Italy and is Artistic Director and principle choreographer for the Jakovits Ballet Company.