Dance Master Class awards a limited number of Scholarship Certificates each year to provide assistance with dance course tuition fees.  Scholarship Certificates offer discounts of from 50% to 100% off DMC dance lessons only for the following years dance programs.

Primary consideration will be given for advanced level students attending courses that include the three-week ‘Performance Course’ in Italy or the full three week Dance Experience program in Spain.

Candidates awarded a Scholarship Certificate should be advised that the awards do not include the costs for accommodation, language classes, travel [to and from the course] and sundries. Scholarships awarded during Summer 2017 Dance Programs, can only be redeemed at one Dance Master Class program in summer 2018.  (The percentage discount awarded on the Scholarship Certificate is discounted off DMC dance classes only).

Terms and Conditions

The committee’s decision is final on which students receive a Scholarship Certificate and the percentage discount.

Scholarships will be awarded to deserving, motivated, hardworking and those students showing the most improvement and potential whilst attending Dance Master Class 2017. Scholarship Certificates will be awarded at the end of the programs if applicable.  Scholarships awarded may only be redeemed in the subsequent year after the award – 2018.

Further awards granted by DMC in both Italy and Spain from the Marc de Graef Fund are on offer during 2017 programs.

Those attending DMC Short Performance program in 2017 showing the most potential may be offered a unique opportunity to audition for THE LONDON STUDIO CENTRE (LSC)
At DMC up to four deserving candidates 2 male and 2 female will be awarded partial scholarships to attend the LSC one-year Professional Diploma from September 2017.

Deserving students who are motivated, hardworking, showing the most improvement and potential whilst attending Dance Master Class 2017, may be offered an opportunity to audition for the Bachelors in Dance Studies (Hons) at the UNIVERSITY OF MALTA, School of Performing Arts.

PINEAPPLE STUDIOS, LONDON is giving 2 vouchers for 10 free classes to deserving students attending DMC in 2017.