Dance Experience Italia / España

Dance Experience programs have been structured for dancers of intermediate, advanced and professional levels, and may be uniquely coupled with a language elective in either Italian/Spanish (depending on the country you attend) or English. 

The program encompasses ballet, contemporary, jazz, choreographic workshops and movement classes, with some informational seminars on topics important to dancers. Ballet classes include pointe, repertoire, partnering and variations. Additional dance classes are also available as extras.

Candidates choose to attend the Complete Course or parts thereof; one, two weeks, etc. 

The program in Italy is our Performance Course that culminates in a showcase finale performed on Friday 28 July 2017 at the beautiful Teatro Bramante.

The classes are tailored to the individual dancer’s level in each discipline, but all participants should have reached the required level in one of the core discipline. Our teachers assess and make appropriate level recommendations to all candidates on arrival. 

Each student will attend at least one week of language classes to really make the most of their experience. 

Short Performance Intensive Course

Two-week attendance required.

An invaluable taste of working life in a professional atmosphere as if in a small company on tour. From 17 July, work is directed towards the end of course performance; a full length and exciting showcase in the three main course disciplines.

You may bring a prepared piece that you wish to work on and perform, if selected. This may be ballet or modern, original choreography or from standard repertoire (don’t forget to bring your music!). 

If you are an aspiring choreographer, the Performance Course offers a unique opportunity to work with experienced and dedicated teachers and coaches to hone your choreographic skills, from sketch plans to final performance. Please contact DMC to discuss the possibilities when you complete your online application form.

The Performance Course gives all students the chance to contribute their skills, discover new talents and involve themselves with the production as a whole. Stage tech, computing skills (especially music editing), video, program/poster publishing, design and costumes are all essential to the success of the final performance.


Urbania: Complete course 1 – 29 July 2017. [Arrival /departure is Saturday]

Sunday 2 July from 14.30: Induction and orientation including  “shake off the travel dance classes ”

Full class schedule begins: Monday 3 July 2017

Performance Date: Friday 28 July 2017 at Teatro Bramante


Granada: Course Cancelled With Regret


Short Performance Intensive Course:
Those attending DMC Short Performance program 2017 in Urbania, showing the most potential, may be offered a unique opportunity to audition for THE LONDON STUDIO CENTRE (LSC) TWO deserving candidates may be awarded scholarships to attend the LSC one-year Professional Diploma from September 2017.

London Studio Centre, Angela DeMello Scholarships

Dance Master Class is thrilled to announce they are offering 2 deserving students of Dance Master Class, Urbania, Italy, summer 2017, the opportunity to be awarded a London Studio Centre, Angela DeMello Scholarship to a maximum value of £12,000 each, to study on a One Year Professional Diploma – Tuition Fee Scholarship. OYP Dip. Link:  Images Ballet Company Link:

The London Studio Centre, Angela DeMello Scholarship, provides a wonderful opportunity to study at one of Europe’s leading performing arts institutions.  Students regularly get employment opportunities in top companies upon achievement of their Professional Diploma. This opportunity provides the chance to live in one of the most vibrant cities in the world, home to some of the world’s greatest arts organisations.

(Maximum value of £12,000 or $13,500* each – Tuition Fee Scholarship) *approximate depending on exchange rate. To be eligible for the scholarship students must be a UK/EU citizen or have dual nationality/British passport/leave to remain.  Recipients of the scholarships must not need a visa to be eligible to attend the Professional Diploma.

Also, we offer an opportunity to audition for the Bachelors in Dance Studies (Hons) at the UNIVERSITY OF MALTA, School of Performing Arts.
STEPS ON BROADWAY is proud to offer a partial scholarship to an outstanding dancer for the International Student Independent Study Program (ISISP) for three (3) months.

Technique Tweak: one or two weeks  (no performance)

Italy:  3- 14 July 2017
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Spain Granada:  14 August – 1 September 2017

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DMC reserves the right to make any necessary program changes without prior notice.