Our goal is to inspire and motivate each and every candidate attending Dance Master Class.
There are several course options which we hope will suit the individual talents of each applicant and provide for each the choice of program they would most enjoy. A comprehensive dance curriculum is uniquely combined with language electives.

Whether you already have extensive dance experience or join us as an adult beginner, have ambitions for a professional career or enjoy dance as your hobby, our exceptional faculty of resident and guest teachers will provide professional and nurturing instruction to rapidly enhance your technical and artistic progress.

Three core dance disciplines: ballet, contemporary and jazz, with strengthening body conditioning classes, are coupled with the option of an intensive language course in either Italian, Spanish or English.
Alongside daily technique classes, in accordance with their level or course selection, dancers may also be coached in related disciplines including pointe, repertoire, partnering, virtuosity, variations, choreographic workshops plus some informal informational seminars on topics important to dancers.

The courses are complemented by visiting guest teachers from other fields of dance and theatre. Workshops and master classes in Historical dances, Musical Theatre and Flamenco in Spain are also available during the program in 2017

The commitment to smaller class sizes maintains each student’s right to individualised attention and the same principle works with the language classes.

For those unsure as to whether to study a language we highly recommend you try a course for just one week. Students in past years have found this fun and very helpful especially with being able to learn a few phrases to use when shopping around town and to converse with locals and fellow students.

For the course in Urbania Italy, we are proud to collaborate with  Centro Studi Italiani.

Our teachers are practiced in modern methods of teaching Italian/Spanish or English as a foreign language.

Typical day

08:30: classical dance class/body conditioning

09:45: classical dance class/ repertoire

11:00: contemporary /jazz/repertoire/historical dance/ musical

12:30: jazz/contemporary choreography, repertoire/ lectures/historical dance/ musical

15:00-16:30: language classes

18:00-20:30: repertoire/ lectures/historical dance/ musical /choreography, repertoire, variations which may be included in the end of course performance.

DMC reserves the right to make any necessary timetable changes without prior notice. A schedule will be presented at induction.