Nathalie Gaubert- Calabro

Nathalie GaubertCalabro is currently an international guest ballet teacher at workshops and master classes in Singapore and throughout Italy, France, and the Netherlands namely Rotterdam Dansacademie, DD3 , Utrech and Maastricht universities.

Formerly trained by Marika Bresobrasova in Monte Carlo she danced and studied in several other French cities Toulouse , Bordeaux , Marseille and Paris to name but a few and also choreographed for TV and theater shows during her extensive career.
Having worked for many years at the prestigious at CODARTS , University of ArtsThe Netherlands and Royal Dance Academy in Rotterdam she returned to France in 2013 as ballet teacher and coordinator  at “AZUR DANCE ACADEMY ” in Bordeaux where she now heads the pre-professional  and post -graduate education program.

Furthermore, she is regularly invited as a reviewer for exams and auditions worldwide and is still a regular guest teacher at CODARTS with the appointment of “Young talent scout for CODARTS”

Her teaching styles are varied and include the “Vaganova” and the “French ” method with her renowned Floor Barre a physical therapy technique developed to balance the body and restore the “height” of the legs in order to improve musculature and alignment so as to achieve effective and efficient use of the whole body. In this class, she focuses on placement , turnout and re-education of the body starting with the isometric exercises on the floor.

Her international reputation reports “a very enthusiastic teacher with the ability to facilitate accurate muscular use of the body and to induce artistic feelings”.

Nathalie GaubertCalabro will be joining Dance Master Class in Italy for “Technique Tweak”