Eva Powers

Eva Powers, Associate Professor and Interim Department Chair of Dance at Wayne State University, holds a B.S. degree in Dance Education from the University of Michigan and a M.A.in Theatre from Wayne State University.

Her early dance studies include classes with AlwinNikolais, Merce Cunningham, Betty Jones, Erick Hawkins, Alfredo Corvino (New York) and Rosemarie Floyd (Royal Oak MI). Ms. Powers has appeared as a guest artist, choreographer and master teacher statewide, nationally and internationally.

Prior to becoming Chair of the Dance Dept., she directed and choreographed for the WSU Dance Workshop/Company for twenty years, creating over 50 original works, often working in collaboration with visual artists and composers. As a consultant in dance education for primary and secondary schools, she is well known for her exciting classroom work integrating dance, visual and language arts into the school curriculum and for conducting stimulating workshops for teachers.

Ms. Powers served on the Board of Directors for the American College Dance Festival, the Michigan Youth Arts Festival and the Michigan Dance Council, which she co-founded with local dance educator, Suzanna Michaels.

As a result of her current interest in dance science/medicine, Eva became a certified Pilates instructor, becoming an instructor trainer and examiner in the Stott Pilates method. She is also certified to teach GYROTONIC ® and is now completing certification requirements for Gyrokinesis.

Currently, she is focusing research and teaching special seminars on Dance Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement. Eva has appeared as a guest artist teaching Pilates, conducting lectures and seminars in dance science and injury prevention at the University of Lisbon, Portugal, the University of Utrecht and the Hague in the Netherlands, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Birmingham, England and Stockholm, Sweden.

Eva also conducts workshops throughout the state of Michigan as well as nationally for Stott Pilates and the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO)