Anna Lombardi

Anna Lombardi, originally from Italy, has performed throughout Europe as a soloist in several dance concerts and musicals. In New York, she has worked with such noted choreographers as Chet Walker, Nathan Trice, Mark Dandy, Matt Mattox, Rick Atwell and Jennifer Muller.

She has performed in “West Side Story,” in the Role of Velma for the York Town Theater and in the role of Anita for the Greenwich House; Other credits includes: “The Player Queen” in the role of Nona at the Producers Club, “Cabaret” in the role of Lady #1 at the Romita Theater.

As a soloist and featured dancer she is been member of several Dance Companies including Dre.Dance (Taye Diggs & Andrew Palermo, choreo.), Steps Ensemble (Claire Weston, dir.), A. Rendano Ballet Company (C. Covaci, choreo.), Danza Viva (M. Torbol, choreo.), and Move on (Marcello Pereira choreo.)

She has taught dance for several years and has been choreographing for the past 10 years. As a choreographer and co-director she created “Off Broadway,” a Broadway revue for the Mediterranean Festival. She choreographed contemporary dance works for the Garden Toscana Theater in Italy. She worked, as assistant choreographer, for the New York Fringe festival and the Wings Theatre for the show DiMaggio written by the award winning playwright, composer and lyricist Robert Mitchell.

Anna’s jazz class is athletic, flowing and springs from her eclectic background and passion for different styles of dance and theater. Music and emotions are the starting point of her movement.

Anna Lombardi is also a fully certified Pilates and Yoga Teacher. She has developed Wholebodyflow which is a fusion of elements of Pilates, Yoga and athleticism. Through this class, dancers will be able to learn how to safely and efficiently move their body in many ways.